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Total guitar

Not good will not load Bought a couple magazine can’t read them

App currently hangs... possibly needs an update?

All the Future Magazine apps appear to be crashing since iOS 11. Looks like the last update to the app was a year ago.


Buy! Buy! Buy! rammed down your throat every second before even having a chance to look around at the app. so i said bye! ?

Total Guitar is Perfect Beginner to Intermediate Mag

Total Guitar is Perfect Beginner to Intermediate Magazine with really good tips, and at least 1 good song per mag.

this app... awsome!

Super mag!

Cool! Interesting stuff!


Totally awesome!!

Whats Free?

Whats Free?

Nothing is free.

Not even to try

Apple minus Steve.

Steves only been gone for ten days and Im already pissed off at Apple for the first time. I really thought it made sense to let the customers try out a free mag to see if we like reading them digitally. I spend over $200 a month on mags and after this I will still buy them the old fashioned way.

Not free

In app purchasing required

Not free not free not free???

Why does this say free when nothing is free here. Dont waste your time.

Piece of crap

This is BS... Once you open the magazine in order to even read something you have to purchase a subscription.

If its not free...

... Dont put it in the free section.

Nothing free here -move along

Just a link to buy a sub

Not free.

Once you download you have to pay


not free at all. dont download


The APP is free. The magazines are not. There are prices all over the place. Just pay attention would you? You thought you were getting free magazines?? What world do you live in? I saw a review that said he was angry at apple because the magazine wasnt free??? I downloaded this app just so I could write a review because of all the children whos fantasy worlds were destroyed by reality.


I really dislike that this app can no longer be deleted. I have no use for this app, and if you do subscribe to a magazine you still have to download each new issue separately, it doesnt automatically download for you. Apple FAIL.

nonetheless, not free

Im not living in a fantasy world, and I read "free", but no free, just free software to buy the magazines with. worst piece of garbage out there that nobody should support. we shouldnt have to download something to download something with. and this app shouldnt get the privilege of being listed under top free magazines, because it is NOT FREE

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