Total Guitar App recensioner


Nice! (Very Nice!)

Rip off

I subscribed to the print and digital version. I was unable to log into the print version and after finally being able to it said I had to pay to download the current issue. After numerous attempts to contact the company I only received automated messages with a link to the same useless faq page on the app. I had no choice but to turn the matter over to the fraud department of my bank in order to get my money back. Don’t waste your money on this.

Total guitar

Not good will not load Bought a couple magazine can’t read them

App currently hangs... possibly needs an update?

All the Future Magazine apps appear to be crashing since iOS 11. Looks like the last update to the app was a year ago.


Buy! Buy! Buy! rammed down your throat every second before even having a chance to look around at the app. so i said bye! 😉

Total Guitar is Perfect Beginner to Intermediate Mag

Total Guitar is Perfect Beginner to Intermediate Magazine with really good tips, and at least 1 good song per mag.

They ripped me off

I have had this app for awhile and all was great. Tried to read one if my back issues. Got message that my files were corrupted and was instructed to delete and re-download my issues. Now I see that a couple of issues I had purchased are gone. I have to buy them again to read them. Emailed the developer twice and no response. Screw em, I'll never give them another dime!!!!!

Guitar music end in the 80's

Just looking at the store - all the music ACDC, the Police, the Beatles - is from the past. No new bands using guitar anymore? Don't want to rebel to my parents / grand parents music now do I? Get rid of the stuff and start covering new bands and give them a shot too.

Great Mag and App

Great Mag and good access on mobile platform! Rock on !


Good mag, but the actual app is terrible. The print is too small to read the TOC. How are you supposed to get excited enough to want to get the magazine?

Slow response times, no customer support

Magazines are great when they open, but the app is getting even buggier as time goes on, and their customer support is useless: delete and reload is the only answer (and that means starting over again from scratch to download any issues that you own)

Crashes on iOS 8.02

Crashes on iOS 8.02. Please fix

Total Goodness

I started buying the physical magazine back at issue #2 but stopped when I moved to the states due to cost and availability. I had a huge shelf full of them. Now with the awesome iPad version availability is no concern, price is very reasonable, and as an added bonus I can take countless issues with me wherever I go.

Update problem

Just installed the update and now as well as the icon in the Newsstand, I have an extra Total Guitar icon outside of that which doesn't do anything. Not a huge deal but it looks weird.

Great magazine!!

I love this magazine. It's great for all skill levels or even if you are just into guitars music..

Total guitar

One word awesome!

Works well between updates

Every time I update the app I have a hard time downloading new issues.

Automatic renewal

I was ready to subscribe but was turned off by the automatic renewal after the subscription runs out. I like the audio content that works offline.

Five stars!

When Borders closed in Augusta GA I couldn't find Total Guitar anymore. I Google searched it and found out about this app. Now I have several issues right in my cell phone and i get them as soon as they come out, not a month behind like when I was buying the paper magazine. I'm 100% satisfied.

Not really worth it on an iPhone

I imagine this magazine would be okay on an iPad. But on an iPhone the screen is really just too small to sit here and read a magazine. The included tabs in particular would have been great in the paper magazine or maybe on an iPad, but they're useless to me on my iPhone and I have no way to print them. The rest of the content is something between a fan magazine and a player's magazine but I guess that's to be expected. At least the copy I chose to buy had an article about Mastadon in it. But typical of the way this magazine sort of touches on subjects and then quickly moves on, it showed photos of their guitar rigs but didn't explain the much. I might pick up a paper copy of this magazine sometime, especially since it comes with a CD, but I don't think I'll bother with the iPhone version ever again.

Right on

I agree with you 100% perry... The idiots either too dumb to read the info on an app or too lazy. But you have to under stand they are part of the give me generation.


you idiots you're downloading the app! not the issues! all of the magazines on the app store are set up just like this, jeez people grow a brain! so far this app functions properly for me. you download this app so that you can buy subscriptions or issues, this is kind of like a folder on your ipad or iphone to put the issues in. AND THEY GIVE PRICES IN THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION! maybe instead of mindlessly clicking download you should read about what you're getting first so you don't come on here and make a bad review of a perfectly good product and make yourself look like a total idiot in front of God and everyone else on the internet.

I don't want the newsstand app.

Since I can't review the app, I'll just give all the content 1 star!!! Let me hide the app in a folder at least!

App buggy - hangs and does not load subscription

App hangs and fails to find subscription info - just caught in a loop with a revolving circle icon. Also does not seem to load magazine on multiple devices as promised i.e. I subscribed on iPad 2 (which now hangs) but fails to load on iPhone 4s. Looks like it needs work.


I thought that this would be a free magazine but you have to buy them inside the application but no you have to buy each mag. And no it doesn't come with a magazine. 👎😭💩😒😖🔫

Lousy app

This is only the front end for the pay per issue. What is a joke is the magazine comes with a CD that is referenced all through the issue. They do not provide access for the CD content. So on other words , you pay more than the normal subscription, and receive less, and cannot print anything from the issue. Pretty much a useless ripoff!

Not free

Major rip off

High quality mag for guitarists (and not cheapskates)

This is, basically, Total Guitar magazine on the iPad. Now I know that sounds obvious but given all the 1 star, 'it's not free' comments you'd think people would realize this. It's a high quality magazine which reviews guitars, guitar gear, song notation for guitar, guitar players ... I think you get the picture. It looks exactly like the magazine, the picture quality excellent as are the reviews. Since they (the company produces a lot of magazines) are produced in the UK the cost in the US was high, I always preferred this (and Guitarist) to their US equivalents so it's great to be able to get these at a reasonable cost. Of course all the (minimal) gear ads are for the UK, but that never bothered me even when I purchased the original mag! I much prefer having these on the iPad rather than the paper, now I don't have to throw away my old mags anymore. 4 stars since you can't jump to pages from the table of contents Currently you can download a free example




Like this..

Not free

Not free at all. You must think people are stupid. Get this off the app store.


This I crap. What about this is free? 4.99 an issue... Nothing but a marketing scam...

Not free

No content is free


Why didn't you sell this app instead of luring us that this app is free?

Is the mag any good?

Ok enough complaining from all you freeloaders!! Is the mag any good?

totally crap

It's not free at all.

Are Europeans more trusting or are they stupid?

I would really like for this to be a five star app and magazine. I certainly understand the need for the publisher to make money, but with no idea what is in the magazine, I guess I will never know. I also do no like it that Apple insists that newsstand can't go into a folder. Very annoying!


Nothing in life is free, so why con everyone by saying this ap is free. Can't wait to start getting all the new junk mail I'm sure I will be getting now. Do not download this ap unless you are stupid or don't pay your own bills.


I don't expect this to be free, but there should at least be a sample. Not good.

It's great.

Nothing is free in life, although I do agree they should have samples. What's deceiving is the fact that the App is free but there isn't default content. It made perfect sense to me based on all the content I've purchased prior to Newsstand.

Not at all free

No free issues, but you can download this free app so you can buy issues. Boo!

Not Free

I'd give this 0 starts if I could. Don't download. They make you think it's free, but then you have to pay for each issue.

don't bother

Don't waste your time on this unless you wanna pay for their magazine...nothing FREE about it

Not free

Dude, if u wanna sell a paid app just tell us it is not free.

Shameful practice

How Apple allows this to continue us beyond me. So insulting to our intelligence. Free? What's free? How about an editor's note, or a condensed publication sample to determine if we like the style of the magazine? Nothing but an age-old bait and switch. I'm deleting Newstand app completely as it is filled with this crap.

Total scam

Magazine looks like crap.. No free same so I have to guess it is garbage!

I wish I could give zero stars

It's just a picture of a cover, you get more info on the screenshots

Cover is free



"pay us money." "shadap."

How bout 1 free issue

Seriously?!?!? Give us one free issue

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